By mimicking the sun, Solar Grow Light allows indoor plants to get the extra attention and light they need in order to fully reach their potential.
Featured on Core77
Displayed during NYC x Design week at  The Grouphug’s Renew Me exhibition.
A design show about energy and the environment. 
Inspired by my interest in growing plants indoors, Solar Grow Light uses the sun's energy to intensify light needed most by your plants. Many grow lights use red and blue LED’s as these are the wavelengths plants absorb the most. Red light will make a plant fruit and blossom and is good for initial growth. Blue light is good for strong and healthy stems and leaves. While outdoor plants in full sun will naturally receive both red and blue light, indoor plants might be lacking in it. Even plants next to a window may not be receiving enough of a certain part of the color spectrum. 
The solar panel in the back absorbs energy from the sun and powers the LEDs. This shows how we can use renewable energy to power our everyday lives and can even be convenient as this has no cord to plug in and can be moved to stations away from the window and back.

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