Daylight Shelf Guiding System
Collaboration with Dalal Elshkeikh + Nahin Shah
Kinetic light shelving system that both disperses light and reflects light onto the ceiling as a way to save energy in an office setting.
 "Architectural light shelves are horizontal surfaces attached to windows above eye level and reflect sunlight deep into a room. Installing these into your home or office will cut lighting costs and conserve energy."
Daylight shelves are typically a static system. Noor proposes the use of smart materials for the operation of a kinetic light shelf in order to bypass using a motor or electricity or sensor.
A shape memory alloy known as “Muscle Wire” reacts to the air temperature and acts accordingly in order to combat solar heat gain. Muscle wire is connected to the light shelf which contracts as the temperature goes up closing the light shelf. Its rotational motion blocks sunlight and closes at a speed proportional to to the rising temperature.
Noor is meant in place of an office setting to save energy and disperse beautiful light on the ceiling reflected off of dichroic film.
Dichroic film offers a way to create unique, ever-changing color to many interior building surfaces
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