Goal: To create a site experience where people can explore and book adventures further than earth. 
My role in this project is both the Designer and Web developer.
Planet bnb pokes fun at the thought of what booking a vacation to another planet would be like. Could you have a spa day on a gaseous giant 5 million miles away ? No. But let's go with it in the name of inspiring space exploration.
This project's priority is to create a soft launch of planet vacations that are informative and fun. The users choices are Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Each preview what the planet stay would look like and provide a calendar for booking options
User Flow
landing page to booking planet stay
Ideations of the home page where the website itself can become a spaceship guiding the user further into space to their planet of choice.
Wire Frame Mock Up​​​​​​​
After many sketches I created some basic screens and added copy. The black shapes are meant to be dynamic elements as the user scrolls through 'space'.
Web deployment​​​​​​​
After designing planet bnb I used html, css, and javascript to build the site. An important part of this project was to utilize coding to my advantage as a designer. click below to launch site

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