A way for people to keep bees naturally, prioritizing them as pollinators.  With a monitoring system beekeeping becomes easier and more in depth with their health.
The design mimics the way bees create their homes in the wild unconventional to the standard box. It is meant for the preservation of bees instead of production of honey.
For the past decade bees have been dying off at an unprecedented rate.  Bee home is reminder of their importance.  There are many types of hive designs all depending on the amount of bees you want to keep as well as how much honey production you would like.  Bee home is an example of natural beekeeping designed for minimal manipulation of the hive.

If the temperature of the hive drops too low or if the humidity is too high the bees could die off.   The top cover provides a cooling system in order to help the bees control humidity. This cap allows air flow in and out of the hive utilizing vents and fans for the summer heat.  Outer cover can be closed off for winter seasons.
A prototype of Bee Home was created using Little Bits to show the electronic components of the hive such as the temperature sensor and the humidity sensor which connect to your phone to monitor how the hive is doing.
Bee home has a monitoring system to check on the bee hive daily.  The hive includes temperature and humidity sensors to ensure the beehive is healthy.  If the humidity levels are too high a small fan will turn directing hot air out to cool down the hive.  Promoting a healthy environment for the bees ensures that unwanted pests do not grow or take over.
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