Empowering individuals to grow their own food as a means to address the relationship humans have with food and where it comes from. 
By integrating self grown foods within our homes through design we can change the way food is taught and perceived creating a new and healthier environment for ourselves.
Hydroponics: The practice of growing plants using only water, nutrients,
and a growing medium.
An exploration of planter designs to integrate into different areas of the house. Here I explored the idea of 'living furniture' a way to integrate indoor food growth.  This idea utilizes furniture that can both benefit you and your plants as to not take up extra space you wouldn't already be using.
Most hydroponic planters only allow you to grow one type of small plant. This system combines a vertical and horizontal hydroponic system which allows you to grow both large and small plants. This allows one to grow and plan different meals. The water from the base is pumped to the top of the column giving water to every plant root. 
Place in the living room and turn on the light to for a beautiful beneficial floor lamp.

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